Kivitasku is an estate which provides exotic surroundings for various occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, and meetings.  It is located by a lake in the countryside of  Muurame 15km from Jyväskylä.

The venue, Villa Kivitasku has room for up to 60 people. Catering services are available for events ranging from coffee services to full banquet. In Villa Kivitasku you can find an ongoing exhibition of art-textiles and Finnish handcrafts and a souvenir shop.

Kivitasku is home to Haikusauna. A unique finnish sauna which mesmerizes visitors with its gentle warmth and majestic conformation. It is right next to a lake where you can have a swim during your sauna session.

Kivitasku also offers accommodation for up to 8 people.

We welcome you for an unforgettable visit at our estate!