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Kivitasku welcomes you!


Kivitasku is a peaceful lakeside estate located in Central Finland Muurame. Unique features and harmonic nature makes Kivitasku a perfect place for celebrations, meetings, overnight stays, holidays and memorable sauna experiences. In the courtyard sheep and chicken welcome the guests. Kivitasku offers rooms and venues, sauna services, travel services and handcrafts. Hostess Mella Nousiainen runs the company together with her son Sampo Nousiainen. They both are talented artisans.Mella gets inspired by Finnish nature, Finnish national epic Kalevala, folklore and stories. All that can be seen in her art. 

Villa Kivitasku: 

The main venue for occasions is Villa Kivitasku, a blue unique log house that has got room for 60 guests and catering services can be arranged. Mella has made the Villa home for her woolen art. Textilesand handicrafts are made from the wool of the estates own sheep. 

At your disposal: 

Projector, Wi-Fi, Stereo, Kitchen

 You can bring your own (alcoholic) drinks and food or use our services.


Memorable occasions includes a sauna experience in the magnificent smoke sauna Haiku. Haiku-sauna is built from the aspens of the surrounding forest and takes up to 25 guests to enjoy its mystic atmosphere at a time. After the sauna you can take a dip in lake Kalajärvi or hot tub. 

Welcome to enjoy and share unique Kivitasku experiences!


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