Art Textiles By Mella Nousiainen

In Villa Kivitasku there is an ongoing exhibition of art textiles made by artesan Mella Nousiainen. Her art is inspired by the surrounding nature of Lake-Finland.

The materials used come mostly from Kivitasku`s own sheep. The technique used in her art include needle felting and wet felting. Her art textiles are available for purchasing from our souvenir shop Villa. From there you can also find other handcrafts and textiles such as felt pictures, felt gnomes and wool wreaths.

About Mella:

Education: Kindergartenteacher, Kindergartenteacherseminar, Jyväskylä 1976,Master of Arts (art education)  University of Jyväskylä 1994, Judicial trainee, University of Applied Sciences 1995  Master, University of Applied Sciences -2001, Qualification for the textile industry 2012

”I am known as an elf aunt – I felt expressive little elves who protect people’s homes and nature. Kind leprechauns symbolize Finnish nature and mythology, which are also present in the handcrafted art textiles.

The greatest Finnish mythology epos is the Kalevala, which I have received inspiration for my art textiles ”In the world of Vellamo”, ”Ilmatarten ilottelu” and ”Dance of fire”. The language of the Kalevala is rich and versatile, and it is based on the eastern dialects of Finnish, which I have admired as a young girl. Something inspires me so deeply and passionately. In addition to versatile language, nature addresses me as well, which is a distinguishing element in the stories of the Kalevala.

I moved around a lot in nature as a child – I climbed in the trees, skied, and created huts with my friends. Nowadays I enjoy walking in the middle of the forests and in Lapland, relaxing and inhaling fresh air. At the same, I take snapshots of everything beautiful and this is how my art textile ”Eternal Forest” was born. I saw fallen spruce in an old forest where the landscape was stagnant and untouched – Immediately I wanted to capture it.

 Some trees indicate more to me than others. Spruce is a fatherly tree to me, and I feel extremely protectedand goblins, also live in the shelter of the spruce

Through my stories and art, I want to convey the message that nature and even the smallest of creation must be appreciated. Together we create a whole whose parts interact all the time, and we are all equally valuable. This is what the leprechauns of the old forest talk about in my work.

Yet I find that what is important is that I can respect nature by using eco-friendly material from my sheep in my art textiles. Shearer Marko cuts Lotta’s, Kille’s, Pilli’s, Pulla’s, Lilli’s, and Laami’s wool twice a year, and I get to dye their wool. I get great pleasure from working with soft material, which stains in my pot into surprisingly rich color blends. I am an esthetician – colors bring me a lot of joy!

 You are warmly welcome to my handicraft shop Villa, or you can explore Kivitasku’s online shop!